Outsourcing your financial accounting

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What does Five Oaks Consult do?

We offer a full-service accounting solution to your business. Instead of employing a full-time accountant to ensure that the financial records of your business are up to date, you can outsource that function to Five Oaks Consult. Dependent on the size of your business you are charged from R 5 000 to R 17 500 per month for us to assist you in maintaining accurate and up to date financial records.


Why should you consider outsourcing your accounting function?

A suitably qualified bum in seat will cost your business anything north of R 240 000 per annum. By working with us, you will incur less expenses and improve the profitability of your business. In addition, you will have access to a Chartered Accountant who will most definitely be able to add value to your business, either from providing accurate up to date management accounts to becoming a trusted advisor in your business and personal financial wellbeing.


Why Five Oaks Consult?

Five Oaks Consult works with Receipt Bank and Xero, the leading cloud accounting software companies in the world. Not only will we ensure that technology is embraced and utilized to maximize the value for your business, but we have a very good working relationship with one of the leading private banks in Southern Africa. We offer you experience on compiling the correct documents and information to fast track a credit application at any bank in South Africa.

Why do we opt for a 12-month appointment?

We believe that knowing upfront what your commitment to us is, empowers the business to plan and forecast much better. No one likes any surprises at the end of a month and feeling that they don’t understand how the fees were charged. Therefor we offer our services at a monthly professional fee dependent on the size of your business which has a direct correlation to how involved we will be to ensure that the relationship is of value to both parties concerned.

How would a typical month dealing with Five Oaks Consult “look” like?

By utilising the best cloud accounting resources available. We automate as much as possible of the whole accounting process so that we and our partners can get down to what makes their business run. Your only interaction with the accounting records will be the capturing of invoices by way of a photo using the Receipt Bank app. Five Oaks Consult then received the digital copy of the invoice and confirms that all the data has been extracted accurately. The invoice is then published to Xero where on of our superstars will match the invoice to a bank transaction.