What taxes should my business comply with?

You have worked endless hours, invested heaps of your own wealth, health and sweat into your business. But are you aware of the inherent tax risks and are you comfortable that every single one of them are being met on time every time?

As a business owner it is your responsibility to ensure that all the relevant tax boxes are being ticked at all times. Like any other thing in life if you are not sure what the boxes are – you will definitely not be able to ensure that you are meeting them.

The tax landscape can be a very tricky one to navigate for business owners. As a business owner you will have to ensure the annual compliance of the following taxes:

In this series of posts, we will delve into the detail of each one of these tax types and what needs to be done to ensure compliance. As citizens we have the obligation to pay our dues to government regardless if we agree on how it is applied by the executive.

By ensuring your business is tax compliant at all times you will go along way of securing finance as and when required. No investor will invest in a business if there are unquantified liabilities to SARS which might cause them to lose money before they could show a return on investment.

You have worked extremely hard to build the business to where it is, why would you risk your hard work by not maintaining a solid relationship with the tax authorities.

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